Worldwide to Winnipeg

October 18, 2016

Winnipeg, Manitoba is strategically located in the center of the North American continent. It has the shortest average shipping routes to the coasts in every direction. This makes Winnipeg the ideal hub for worldwide distribution to the entire continent. Shipments coming from Asia, Europe, Africa or Australia use Winnipeg as their shipping destination for their products that will ultimately be sent to cities such as Minneapolis, Calgary, Edmonton, Chicago and Denver. The Trans-Canada Highway runs through Winnipeg, connecting it to all the major Canadian cities to the east and to the west of Winnipeg. Highways heading south towards the United States appear like spokes to a wheel, as they branch out from Winnipeg to the south. When you combine the geographical location of Winnipeg with the logistical experience of Rolly's, you come up with the perfect international distribution center. Some companies use Rolly's cross-docking system to move freight from carrier to the next without every sitting in the warehouse. Shipments come in and go out, without any delay in the shipping process. Other companies take advantage of the high-tech inventory control at Rolly's and make Rolly's their distribution warehouse. Companies like Ikea, that are internationally known for their innovative approach to product shipping, have recognized the advantage of working with Rolly's. You will see their shipments coming in and going out of Rolly's distribution center on a regular basis. We'd love to discuss with you, how Rolly's can become your worldwide distribution center. Give us a call.


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