Fast and Accurate Warehousing Service

October 7, 2016

The key to an efficient logistics solution is to keep things moving quickly and smoothly. To accurately manage all the details of what's coming in, what's in inventory, what's being shipped out and what's been delivered where, and still do it quickly, requires state of the art technology to keep things moving through the system. At Rolly's, we're committed to implementing the latest technology, so that our information is always up to date and accurate. We use bar code scanning on every item. This allows for fast and accurate processing of each item in our system. The bar coding is tied into our computerized inventory control system. With this detailed tracking system, we know where every item is located in our warehouse, and our customer's have access to up to date information on their items, whenever they need it. If a client needs a specific item in a hurry, there is no scrambling to locate the item. It can be called up in the inventory system, which will tell us exactly where the item is located in the warehouse. We can have the item off the shelf and ready for delivery in very short order. Our tracking system is not limited to within the warehouse. Rolly's also provides GPS tracking of deliveries. If your item is in transit to its destination, we can still tell you where it is by simply checking our GPS tracking system. Why settle for anything less the best? Give us a call at Rolly's and request a free estimate on our warehousing services.


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